Will investing make you rich reddit?

It's absolutely possible to make money in the stock market no matter how much you invest, but you won't get rich. This is simply the fundamental thing. It's absolutely possible to make money in the stock market no matter how much you invest, but you won't get rich from the stock market unless you already are. I think I'm going to get rich is the wrong mindset for investing.

Rather, it's about preserving wealth and the balance between minimizing risk and maximizing returns. Hobbies (although I try to make money with them). Yes, you can get rich by investing. Or for not spending more money than you earn (without debt).

Getting rich on the stock market is definitely possible, but it's not easy. It usually requires time, luck, and a decent amount of starting capital. As the title indicates, not many people are rich outside the stock market (or at least to my knowledge, if I'm wrong, someone please let me know). If you're consistent, invest wisely, and are able to control your spending impulse, then it's possible to reap significant benefits with a low annual salary.

However, I would gladly accept investments, because I could grow any of my businesses 10 times in a matter of weeks. And I understand that my investment “career” is far from experienced and I haven't experienced anything, in general it should work. The advice I was trying to share with people about investing is that being consistent and diligent pays off. I studied and read a lot about personal finance, investments, stocks and corporate finance before I started investing, and I started with boring mutual funds.

It's not just a one-time injection of your summer earnings that gives you wealth, but you invest day in and day out, every paycheck, even when things get a little tense. Sometimes, I see the benefits I've earned together with the people around me and I can't understand why so many people aren't rich with the investment. However, OP must learn that you don't have to be rich to make investments and find potential profits. Dude, the reason you're rich is that you just made a couple of million dollars and you're figuring out where you want to work next.

There are many more millionaires on the stock market than you think, but they are likely much older than you and your investments grew over decades and through retirement funds. He has done very well, but he invests for the long term, is very intelligent and does an incredible amount of work on his investments. Put 20% off the two homes I bought to live in (minimize rates, get a better rate) and put 40% off investment properties. I hope this is understandable, I just want to be a little more interactive with people who actually invest, like you, whether they are real estate or business investments.

I guess it wasn't something that existed (because I actually started investing myself just a year ago) years ago. More than I was referring to is that there are many older people I know who achieved very little or no returns in the markets and it seems that if you take average returns and it worsens over many years, it seems reasonable that more people are more wealthy older people.

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